Patient Services


Dr. Rothstein has over twenty years of experience performing both standard and complex cataract surgeries. In addition to the standard cataract surgery, Eyenamics NY also provides a femtolaser assisted cataract surgery as well as premium IOLs.


As a Glaucoma specialist and surgeon, Dr. Rothstein is an expert at performing a variety of surgeries and procedure to treat Glaucoma. Eyenamics offers SLTs, laser irridotamies, laser irridoplasty, trabeculectomy, MIGS, and glaucoma drainage implants. Eyenamics also offers non-surgical interventions for Glaucoma.


In addition to the standard eye exam, Eyenamics NY is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform the following vast array of tests: ERG, VEP, UBM, Bscan, OCT, Optical biometry, Optos, Endothelial cell count, and Visual Fields